• 24 hour emergency service/7 days a week
  • Gas powered, high volume emergency pumps
    to drain your basement
  • Basement drainage solutions
  • Flood control systems
  • High capacity sump pumps with up to
    20 year warranty
  • Duplex pump systems with high water alarms
  • Alternate power solutions

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Those who have had to deal with a flooded basement in their Chicago home know just what damage it can cause and how emotionally draining it can be. If you are currently dealing with a flooded basement, you need help and you need it quickly. As little as one inch of water can create a cleanup nightmare and cause thousands of dollars of damage to furniture, carpets, not to mention those things that just can't be replaced. You need Quality Plumbing Services to get that water out and show you ways to keep it from happening again.

Help with Flooded Basements for Chicago

The experts at Quality Plumbing Services, Inc. will start with removing the water with the use of high volume, gas powered pumping equipment. Then we help you understand why it occurred and what you can do to prevent your home from flooding in the future.

Once we have removed the water, Quality Plumbing Services can offer services for completely drying out your flooded area, mold prevention and mold remediation, as well as sewage removal and decontamination. Let Quality Plumbing Services provide you the proper options and solution to prevent future flooding. Whether your flooding occurred due to a burst water heater or broken pipe, or a failed sump pump or sewer back-up, Quality Plumbing Services, Inc. can quickly take care of the problem.

Saving Chicago Flooded Basements

Quality Plumbing Services offers:

  • High volume, ultra-dependable pump systems with up to 20 year warranty
  • Drain tile systems to remove excess ground water
  • Flood control systems including pumps and lift stations
  • Overhead sewer conversion options — the ultimate in flood/sewer back-up prevention

The licensed expert plumbing technicians at Quality Plumbing Services, Inc. can deal with all the aspects of flooded basements, before or after the fact.


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