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April showers bring May flowers …

and sometimes thunderstorms and basement flooding. Most basement flooding in our area occurs due to a failed sump pump. The average life expectancy of a submersible sump pump is 5 to 10 years. While the average life of a sump pump switch which controls when the pump will turn on and off is 4 to 7 years. However, sump pumps are not equipped with a cycle counter like an odometer on your car, or a warning light that your sump pump is about to fail. Your sump pump may work fine one minute and not the next which is a big problem for homeowners. 


The lifespan of any sump pump depends on many factors such as how often the pump cycles, cycle time, pipe size, length of piping run, etc. Unfortunately, no one can predict when your sump pump will fail. 


Somethings you can look for when assessing your sump pump:


Pay close attention to how your pump sounds strange or loud noises, humming sounds, grinding noise, or vibration. Any of these maybe a warning sign that something is wrong or about to go wrong with your sump pump. 


You can fill the pit with water making sure the sump pump both starts and stops as designed. A properly operating sump pump should expel the water very very quickly (quicker than you can refill the pit even using a garden hose). 


Always check to make sure that the sump pit is free of debris children's toys and items stored around the pump can fall into the basin. Also mud, leaves, rocks, and even original construction debris can get into the unit or hinder the float mechanism causing the sump pump to fail. 


Always inspect the check valve check valves are designed so that when the sump pump shuts off no water will go back into the sump basin. Often, you'll hear a thumping sound at the end of a pump cycle. That's the check valve slamming shut. Pay special attention to check valves using rubber couplings to connect them to the discharge piping. These rubber connections can rot or dry out overtime. Look for signs of leakage or discoloration around these connections on the discharge piping, as these rubber connections can loosen or become detached after years of operation.


If you know you have an aging sump pump or recognize any of these warning signs, please call Quality Plumbing Services and let one of our sump pump experts help you choose the right pump for your application. Quality Plumbing Services carries a wide variety of sump pumps. We offer submersible sump pumps, pumps with built in high water alarms, duplex systems, pedestal pumps backed by a 20 year warranty, as well as battery back up systems.


Whatever your sump pump needs, Quality Plumbing Services can help before it's too late. Call today and schedule an appointment 630-227-0200 or 847-259-0200. 



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